HSHI is IRS approved (7/16/18)

After a brief inquiry by the IRS within the last month or so, I am happy to report that His Stronger Hand International (HSHI) came out shining!  All Glory be to Jesus Christ!
                                                                                                                              Approximate Est'd-to-date Assistance
                                                                                                                              (Est'd 2013, Nevada/2015, Nebraska)
           2016-2017 Year-End Summary                                                                                                                                      Approx #  Assisted                 

Income                                            $8994                                                          Indigent  (food, phone, auto, meds, etc),                5    Individuals
                                                                                                                         includes some Homeless (housing, necssities)         5    Families
Expenses                                         $8908                                                          
                                                                                                                         Incarcerated/Overcomers                                       2               

                                                                                                                         Veterans/Military (pkgs & assistance)                    200               

                                                                                                                         Dental program                                                      1             

                                                                                                                         Elderly (medicine, necessities, opportunities)         Unknown,
                                                                                                                                                                                                   as some were groups       
                                                                                                                         Other Charities/Entities (Tithes/offerings)                  7           

Overcomers Praise Report 2018

One (of 2) inmate(s) that has been assisted by HSHI this past year, during & after incarceration, is NOW successfully established back into society and is becoming a contributing source back into his community.  He is guided by his spiritual convictions in Jesus Christ and has more natural & spiritual help & guidance from the HOPE FOR PRISONERS (HFP) Organization and recently graduated from their Re-entry Workshop!!  He now has a great job, bank account and his own apartment! 

HSHI & HFP have worked together with this former offender to help bring good success to him; thus demonstrating that both organizations make wise decisions when investing in people.  HFP is a Presidentiallly /nationally/penally recognized organization that has recently expanded and added a new facility in Milwaukee, WI.  HSHI would delight in working with them again anytime, anywhere!

The other inmate is still incarcerated but is improving greatly!

Other indigents (nation-wide) that have been assisted by HSHI are also improving the quality of their lives.
Ministerial assistance, both spiritually & monetarily have aided in new hope and improved conditions internationally.
Since HSHI has been established in 2013, we have aided fire victims, domestic violence victims, domestic and veterans' needs (i.e. food, auto. medical, housing & cell phone assistance, etc.).  We have supported other local Community Charities and entities (in Nebraska, West Holt Medical Services, West Holt Health Ministries (Food bank), Atkinson Senior Center and filled many other various needs as possible.  We are connected with and support other International 
Ministries as well, such as Larry Huch Ministries (USA), Creflo Dollar Ministries (USA), Fruiting Bethel Ground & Global Change Ministries (both in Nigeria), Feeding America (USA) and more.  HSHI supports "Jennifer's Memorial Walk" in O'Neill, NE, and I have recently spoken, along with Attorney General, Brent Kelly & Bright Horizon's Director, Linda Olson, as we are aiding in bringing awareness to our communities of the need to STOP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. 

Personally, I have ministered to our communities (locally & internationally) through Bible studies, prayer, song, Daily Insights on His Stronger Hand Int'l Facebook page, administered communion & fellowship at Assisted Living homes in Spencer & Atkinson, Nebraska & through other speaking engagements.  I have also accepted the responsibility of Pastor-International in May, 2017.

Charity & Ministry

National Troop Support (NTS)
(A Division of HSHI)